Happy 4th Birthday! TBT

This little muchkin just turned 4!!! It was so fun to have her family in the studio again and to meet her new little brother. Wishing you a very fun year as you start preschool!

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Palisade, CO Mini Sessions this weekend!

Mark will be in Palisade, CO on Saturday, August 12th for outdoor family and kids mini sessions. Due to demand, he has extended his trip and now has 4 additional spots available for Saturday. This is a great opportunity to update your family portrait or have professional pictures take of your children. Please call (303) 562-5536 for more information or to reserve your session!


Picking up your artwork

We love showing clients the pictures taken from their session at their ordering appointment, but we especially love showing clients the finished artwork when they come to pick up their order! Whether we are delivering finished museum quality canvases, framed prints with museum glass, or archival quality gift prints, our clients are always blown away when they hold their new art in their hands! Today was no exception with our vet client who came to pick up artwork from his cat + dog photo session. While Akitas and house cats might seem like a strange pair, these two are best friends and our client wanted to capture their bond to display in his home (since they are his fur kids, after all!). The cat rules the house while the dog guards the house. They are the perfect pair and enjoy taking naps together (as long as they don't think their human is watching).

Have you been thinking about having professional pet photos taken of your pets? Don't delay and contact Mark Stevens Photography about booking your custom session today! Mark is happy to work with all breeds and obedience levels of dogs and cats (and horses, too!).

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It's 5 months until Christmas!

It's hard to think about Christmas when it's 90 degrees outside, but Christmas is only 5 months away! This is a good time to start thinking about and planning your early fall family photo shoot if you want to create a personalized holiday card this year.

Some of our clients like to update their family portrait each year and use that as their card and give gift prints as gifts to relatives at Christmas. Other clients like to get creative and have a funny theme for their holiday cards. While other like to feature their dog(s).

We recommend that you book your photography session no later than October if you want to use any of the pictures for holiday cards.


2018 MaxFund Calendar is on the way!

Mark enjoys donating his time to causes he loves and this year he's teamed up with MaxFund Animal Shelter to photograph a handful of dogs and cats for their 2018 calendar. Stay tuned for sneak peeks and details on how to order your own calendar!

TBT - Norm & Poppy

5 Years ago we saw a frantic friend from a friend at Life is Better rescue saying that she was on the way to pick up 2 5-week old puppies and needed a foster ASAP. We had no other information, but we volunteered. Little did we know that these two tiny fluffballs would arrive a short time later. And when you're a puppy and this cute, you are guaranteed to have at least one of two puppy photo shoots with Mark. They were the perfect models, although I think both of them peed on the floor at one point during the shoot, and had no trouble getting adopted with these gorgeous puppy portraits.

If you are adopting a new puppy or adult dog, think about booking a doggy photo shoot to capture your new family member!


Six month baby portraits

Many times our clients will be excited (and plan ahead) for their newborn photo shoot, but then forget to schedule additional sessions during the baby's first year. 6-8 months is a really fun age for the next photo shoot to document all the changes that have happened since their newborn pictures. Also, this age is really fun to work with and Mark can get a whole range of expressions out of babies that make stunning portraits.